Myofascial Release Massage

Healthy fascia moves almost like liquid in the body. Fascia is a continuous, fibrous, interwoven web of connective tissue that weaves uninterrupted in the body. It winds around every muscle cell, every muscle bundle, every organ and every structure in our body. Fascia acts as both a structural support and connection, and an information highway. When injured, or by lack of movement in the body from lifestyle or injury, fascia becomes tight and damaged. It becomes glue-like, painful, dense and fibrous.

When in this state, fascia cannot function properly and body movement is further restricted. Thus begins the cycle of pain, restricted movement, limited oxygen flow to the tissues, build up of metabolic waste, more tightness, tissue dehydration and loss of flexibility- the pattern of degeneration in the body. Tight, unhealthy fascia will ‘shrink to fit’ our lifestyle and we gradually become the ‘tin man’.

Often it is the site of pain and entrapment of nerve fibers, but the fascia can be mobilized to restore blood, oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. Loose, healthy, hydrated fascia will allow us to move and allow our muscles and glide properly over one another. Yoga, T’ai Chi, movement or exercise combined with deep breath awareness, good nutrition and hydration, and massage/ myofascial therapy are the best ways to keep the fascia healthy.

Myofascial and Connective Tissue Massage unwinds habitual holding patterns in the body, allowing restored movement and flexibility.

Myofacial/Connective Tissue massage (or Bindegewebsmassage) is a deep, slow method of compression, skin rolling and release of the Myofacial tissue to release restrictions, restore proper biomechanics allowing injuries to heal, and restore flexibility.

To watch an educational video explaining more about fascia in “The Fuzz” speech by Dr. Gill Hedley, click here. Please *BE AWARE* this video contains footage of human cadavers.