Conscious Massage & Bodywork


90 – 120 minute session is recommended.
I leave time at the start of the session to talk, listen, and to let you arrive fully and presently. I leave time at the end of your session to allow you to gently transition back between worlds. I do not rush. (But please note I do have to keep on schedule and have other clients before and after you) I will take the time to connect and ask questions, and really listen to you- fully and presently. I listen to words and non-verbal indications to get a sense of what your body and soul needs for your session. More often than not, our body’s discomfort, imbalance or pain begins on the emotional/mental/energetic level, and I will be present with you there as well during the massage.

At any time during your session, I am happy to adjust anything for your comfort- from music, to room temperature to massage pressure or a sip of water- please just let me know 🙂

Often I will incorporate guided verbal relaxation, or breathing techniques and awareness for the first few minuets.  I encourage a mindful relaxed state and deeper awareness within the body. I will check into as to the comfort level and massage pressure, and then I will be silent for the massage. If you wish to talk during your session, please feel free as many people relax by being verbal, but I will generally only respond if spoken to. If you are someone who enjoys more guided meditation and relaxation, let me know.

During your session, I am staying in a focused, meditative state, and I connect as much as possible with the present moment and your body’s cues. At times, we both will be transported to a profound energetic and multidimensional space where deep healing takes place on all levels in your body. The healing energy of Reiki is always coming through me, and is stronger when I direct my attention to that sacred healing space.

I am not “psychic”; I do not feel what you feel- but I am very intuitive and I can offer very conscious bodywork and massage when I can listen deeply on subtle energetic and physical levels. As well as the physical massage, you will get my full attention, directed awareness and conscious meditative intuition.

I am not a ‘healer’, and no one who calls themselves a healer is a healer. Only you (and your maker, or your body’s bio-energetic intelligence) are your own healer. Only your body and your mind, your energetic self and belief systems, self care and environment, can ultimately heal you. What I offer (and what anyone calling themselves a healer is offering) is to help facilitate profound healing on multiple levels- but you are the one doing the work and the healing. As I’ve said, many ailments or imbalances begin on an emotional/ energetic/ mental level. Our belief systems, our sincerity of self-love and gratitude, and our thoughts/emotions create our state of well-being or imbalance.  I can offer the tools of many years of training, experience, exploration, mindful awareness, education and self-healing; and I can create and hold deeply sacred space for you. I can be a conduit of healing energy- but ultimately I do not have any power as to if you heal or not, I am only a facilitator. This is your healing journey!

Practice mindful breath and awareness; practice gratitude even for the smallest of things; practice forgiveness and unconditional love and compassion. Stay present, stay aware, explore your own dark and light without fear- but with compassion and awareness and acceptance. Care for and nurture your body, mind and spirit, and you will be well on the road to wellness. Live consciously, live in gratitude!

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to begin- or pick up where you left off 🙂
Call me. (508) 693-4430.