Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) works with the nervous system to restore healthy muscle function. Nerve impulses transmit information to maintain a balanced internal environment (homeostasis). Physical trauma, strains, and emotional stress disrupt that balance, which can result in aches, pains and physiological dysfunction. NMT is a comprehensive program of soft tissue manipulation techniques that balance the central nervous system with the structure and form of the musculo-skeletal system. the St John method of NMT is based on neurological laws of the CNS in relation to homeostatic balance, and considers five principles that cause pain:

1. Ischemia
2. Trigger points
3. Nerve compression or entrapment
4. Postural distortion
5. Bio-mechanical dysfunction

NMT is used to locate and release spasms and hyper-contractions in the tissues, eliminating trigger points that cause referred pain; then by restoring postural alignment, proper bio-mechanics, flexibility, and rebuilding strength, NMT proves to be a safe, effective and economically feasible method of treatment.

NMT can address: Low back pain, shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, numbness and tingling affecting the carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injury, whiplash injury, TMJ dysfunction, sciatic pain, postural distortion, and much more. This work is most effective in a succession of closely scheduled sessions, and with client participation.